2000 Ocean Condominium by Holland Engineering

2000 Ocean Condominium

Holland Engineering provided NPDES Construction services for the 2000 Ocean Condominium in Hallandale.

2000 Ocean is a 38-story, sleek glass tower oceanfront residence in Hallandale Beach. Completed in 2022, the building was designed by TEN Arquitectos, features Minotti-furnished interiors and boasts premium multi-million dollar units. It is one of the most unique residential properties built in Hallandale to date and the area’s first super-luxury condominium high-rise.

We provided NPDES Construction services for this project. Our State-certified NPDES Inspectors will review the property’s Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and the property’s Best Management Practices (BMPs) to ensure their mandated weekly inspections are documented and reported per the State’s NDPES requirements.

Our NPDES Inspections assess on-site property conditions such as silt fencing, inlet protection, sediment basin function, hazardous materials, stabilization of disturbed areas, etc – while making sure BMP / SWPPP protocols are abided to.

From the preliminary stages of construction – starting with an empty plot of land by the ocean, to watching a stunning 38-story skyrise ascend over the course of 3 years – 2000 Ocean will always be a memorable project. This unique structure is setting the tone for a new architectural era in land development for Hallandale Beach.


Hallandale, Florida


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