Stormwater Design

We truly care about our clients and are committed to helping you solve flooding problems.

Holland Engineering has a proven track record of providing innovative stormwater solutions for any size and scope project.  Satisfying the permitting requirements of various drainage districts require creative solutions that maximize the collection of stormwater and are economically feasible for our clients.  Holland Engineering has decades of experience assisting communities, public agencies, and private organizations with their stormwater needs on small- and large-scale projects.

As rainstorm events have increased in intensity and frequency due to climate change, it’s become apparent that our clients must improve the resiliency of their stormwater infrastructure to protect their facilities and sites. Holland Engineering is focused on creating the best stormwater design for your project and accomplishing your project objectives at budget and on schedule.

Our stormwater services include:
  • Stormwater management system design
  • Stormwater calculations
  • Stormwater infrastructure design
  • Drainage well design
  • Exfiltration system design
  • Wet & dry retention area design
  • Design of drainage outfalls
  • Best management practices planning & design
  • Collection system capacity analysis
  • Stormwater assessment reports
  • Erosion Control / Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • 5-Year drainage certifications
  • Rehabilitation & replacement of stormwater systems
  • Drainage permitting though State, County, and Local Jurisdictions
  • NPDES permitting
  • Inspections during construction and permit closeout
Stormwater Design by Holland Engineering

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